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Step 1 :Research Bitcoin And Network Marketing! Can never know enough . SEE NEXT PAGE .

Step 2:Join Coinbase or blockchain or Xapo or any online wallet you trust there are many. Create your Bitcoin wallet/s (your going to need it to store your bitcoins) also hard wallets are the safest. Ledger or Nano

Step 3 : Join one or more of the sites i have posted and listed. All links are mine but a select few i give to friends. banner space for their links. (as many as you like)  Go at your own rate . Get a mix of bitcoin and marketing ones. use them together to earn and boost each other.

 Step 4 :Create Social Media Platforms 
Use your  links from the site/s you joined on the social media you created and just teach new people about bitcoin and Network marketing and how it can change the way we do everything!
Step 5 : Be Safe and Spend only what you can afford to loss! In No Way Should You Think Anything I Say or  write are Investment Tips , Tricks, Secrets or Special Loop Holes use my Journey  in your own ways. I am just telling my success story here! For Free! All Info Is copy pasted from the sites it is talking about. Thanks to all these sites and their workers for giving me the way to change the world for the better! You all are amazing!
Together we can change the world!

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​​​Hello , I am David Rindfleisch.

I love earning Bitcoins anyway i can. I have been doing so since 2015. In my site you will find all the ways i am earning bitcoins with. I join new sites all the time to find good ones and most have great bonus for getting friends and family to join!  

That is why i started the #BitRichClub , welcome to it.

I hope you like and share it with everyone. Maybe make a page just like it with all your own links to it. I hope someone gets help from this page and i hope that i teach new users of bitcoin a thing or two. I am always willing to talk so please call anytime if you have any thoughts at all.

I Think Bitcoin is the future and its a great time to take part in the growth and freedom of it. In this website I'm simply telling my story of my Journey threw Bitcoin! I want to make it public and free so people may learn from my life . I am not telling anyone money advice so if you do join or sign up for or pay for anything on any of my links on my site it is at your own risk. I sign up because i love bitcoin and want it to grow. Invest at your own risk> This is a Free Story/journey that is told through Bitrichclub not all lnks are mine.