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How 494 Bitcoins Works

The 494 Bitcoins global peer-to-peer donation network is a way for you to help others like yourself, and in exchange they will help you. We are a community of people looking for financial backing in the projects that will fulfill us and bring more joy to the world. If you want to experience the success of turning your dreams into reality, then pay attention. We have as system that works for everyone. It's 494 Bitcoins.

Become an active member of our community

Start by signing up and getting your account set up. You'll need a bitcoin wallet in order to participate. You can get a free wallet at Once you have your wallet, add your BTC receiving address into your "My Profile" page.

Next, you need to upgrade your account by providing a small donation to the person who referred you, or someone else they referred. Follow these simple steps:

Click the upgrade link/button
Get the wallet address and the amount for the donation.
Go to your wallet website and send the amount of bitcoin to the wallet address from step 2.
Get the transaction hash id from the site you sent the bitcoins.
Copy and paste the transaction hash id into the payment verification form on the upgrade page from step 2.
Enter the amount paid, and click submit.
That's it! You just made your first donation!Your bitcoin donations are verified and confirmed automatically within minutes.

Now you can get referrals of your own and start receiving funds from them just like you just funded your up line. If we all work together we'll all succeed to the highest levels.

Find your links and banners on the "Promo Tools" TAB. Share the banners with your referral link wherever you advertise. Tell your friends! This is an incredible opportunity.

The donation sharing network

When you join, you will get a sponsor. It may be the person who referred you, or it will be someone in their down-line - someone else they referred or someone one of their referrals referred.

So, you'll make your first donation to your sponsor. That allows you to get referrals and receive donations.

The first 3 people who you sponsor will donate the 1st Level amount to you.

The 3 people they each sponsor (total 9) will each donate the 2nd Level amount to you.

The next level down - level 3 - (total 27) will each donate the 3rd Level amount to you.

This goes on for 5 levels growing each time in total by a factor of 3.

Now, the people you sponsor on your 1st level will donate the 2nd Level amount to your sponsor.

Then they will donate the 3rd Level amount to your sponsor's sponsor (3 levels up).

And on up the line it goes to 5 levels.

Donation Rules:

1-You must maintain an active membership to receive donations. 2-You must have made the Level donation within the specified period in order to receive that Level donation from others. 3-If you do not have the required Level active then donations at that Level which are due to you will pass up to your sponsor or someone else in your up line who is eligible.


You will be able to have a maximum of 3 active referrals on your 1st level. Those are called your front line, or direct referrals. You may refer many more people who sign up with your referral link. If you have no active referrals on your front line, then no members you refer will spillover because no one in your down-line is eligible yet. So, you may see that you have many more than 3 referrals on your front line if none are active.

Once the members in your front line make their first donations then they can have referrals placed under them. And once you have 3 active members on your front line the next ones who make a donation will spillover before doing so. They will be assigned to someone in your down-line as their sponsor. The reset of your referrals will spillover when they register for an account.

What's make your platform/matrix different from the other?

Well, If you upgrade to the max Level 5 and a direct referral from your level 5 down-line upgrade all the way to Level 5 as well, you are eligible to receive the 2 BTC donation even if you don't yet have all 3 members on your 1st Level (or any of your levels are completed for that matter) you will still receive the 2 BTC donation from that member as per the other platforms will let you get donations from a Level, only if the previous one is completed.
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                                                                          EXMO Team

Our team of committed and enthusiastic professionals have been assembled from completely different parts of the world. Our programmers are from Spain, Russia, India, Thailand, and our financial advisors are from England, USA, Lithuania and Singapore. All the members of our international team are united by one common goal, that being to create the most convenient and very best cryptocurrency trading platform in the world! We believe that Bitcoin is capable of doing financial calculations easier, safer, and better. That’s why we think it is our duty to contribute to its development.

During our development, we have become more than just a team. We have become good friends who all share a common love for this cause! All of our employees have the highest qualifications which enables us to provide the highest level of service and individual approach to each client. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that our users can successfully sell, exchange, and safely store their funds in their EXMO accounts.

We are always happy to help you and we really do care about our clients’ opinions. So if you have any questions, tips or suggestions, we would be more than happy to listen to them.                                    
Our Team
Respectfully Yours,
The EXMO Team

Our Address

calle Bac de Roda 120, local 2 08019 Barcelona, SpainRespectfully Yours,
The EXMO Team

Our Address

calle Bac de Roda 120, local 2 08019 Barcelona, Spain

David Rindfleisch

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It is forbidden to advertise your referral link on the site with Yandex and Google Adwords. For new registrations with these systems, referral links will not be counted

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